In every dimension whirling dervishes turn,

dancing is the vertical manifestation of horizontal passion;

a heartbeat, short-cut to happiness always facing the pantheon.

It is like dreaming with the entire body and soul,

feeling the same experience as being in love.

Dance is the universal language of all creatures spectral or alive,

it forbids any mean or sarcastic adage that should be cured by

the honesty of humility, since sentiments cannot lie.

It is the only art where the instrument is an expression

of one’s true and complete self overcome.

A poem of which motions form divine phrases

with the power to reveal music’s humble mysteries.

Athletes can dance; one may look foolish dancing a part,

but it takes an artist to grow a dancer bona fide

who can dance anywhere, even in his own heart.

Moreover a philosopher would wish in spirit to be a dancer,

for dance is an ideal way to develop the world’s favorite pataphor

or to simply take out one’s profound anger.

Meditation from Thaïs.