Do not idealize

People who would tell what they think of us frankly

With their imperfections

They can never live up to our expectancy

We must learn to

Reawaken and keep ourselves awake infinitely

By an anticipation

Of the new dawn perpetually

If we treat

Ourselves the way we can be, we will become as we should be


We foresee in life will turn into our self-fulfilling prophecy

The distinction

Between our talents and expectations makes us unhappy

What a shame

It surely is when who loves the least controls the affinity

Some pursue

Happiness following others’ footsteps blindly

Few with the determination

To do rightly at the right time patiently

Produce it

Though they could lose, thanks to their creativity

Can you

Get up each morning with the resolve to be happy

End sorrow

On demand like a champion and invent pleasure effortlessly?

Can you command

Who you fall in love with passionately

Or make

Someone fall in love with you desperately?

You do not have

To be abused senselessly at the mercy

Of that immeasurable which

If you mastered your own sensibility

Learn the rules

Of the game, become the embodiment of information willingly

Play it better

Than the opposition met against an overwhelming probability


That you may not win in every sense especially monetary

Yet strive to

Become the person you believe you were meant to be