I always looked up to Michel Fokine as an inspiration and a role model.  He was the Great Choreographer who introduced and popularized single act abstract story ballets.  While awaiting a sign to my invocation from my muse Terpsichore, in search of my true-blue self in nature, I came across a rare gem stone; a transparent diamond forged by fire and water that has a redolent softer inside with a hardened and crusty exterior.

A dream shaped up to create what I call “the perfume of ballet” which will own an aroma that has not yet been inhaled; a single whiff from it will be long enough for a life time.  It will unleash a sophisticated taste on the palate that evokes a hunger for more.  It is a unique, timeless, beautiful classical contemporary art that has a deep-toned green outside color and a bright red interior.


A sheer myth, a surprisingly fresh blend of dazzling woody and floral notes triggering true passion.  A DNA of oriental, confident, merging strength and an ambition with the quintessential feminine sensual appeal.  A rich, soulful, chypre scent formed by a vibrant bouquet and charmed by exotic phrases; a sweet and warm rhythm, an unabashed decadence, a legendary elegance.  C’est magnifique!


Scent of a Woman.