“Wisdom is nothing more than healed purple pain:  The breaking of the shell that confines understanding.  Love until it hurts; increase your capacity to feel pain; eventually more love will take its place”, by Cem Catbas.


Each day the happiness is slipping away farther

Time slows down, nights become longer

There is nothing left but flesh, it seems, his spirit is a constant strain

The kindling light at the end of the tunnel darkens with every step taken

Where he is, is insignificant; a place similar to purgatory

He is challenged about traveling in the lucid tendency

What comes next is not by choice only

It may not be for the better; he is accepting peacefully

He is silenced, his opponent is heartless

His mind and intellect are worthless

He avoids being insulted, often struggling to shake off his tears

Almost forgot how to smile, confused with mixed feelings

With a power believed to be righteous

That does not come from privilege but a license

She strikes every organ, conscience and existence

She is causing pain, gaining an unforeseen pleasure from his misfortunes

Stronger than ever, a cruel and unfamiliar objective motivates her

The way she holds herself unfolds, she has done it before

She is calculating and assessing the tiniest amount of damage

While a draw is not offered; a total victory will inherently assuage

Love is frequently mentioned although she is clueless about what it means

Making sense only to herself, she has a way of explaining things

Accused many times, he is condemned without a trial

Waiting for his sentence to finalize, one way or the other

He is prepared for the next blow, given up, helpless

Yet he does not feel alone, he is not hopeless

A massacre involving two, a nuclear conflict overwhelmingly unfair

He is convinced, turning it into a positive experience will enrich his share

He will continue, exist patiently till his day comes; maybe a little anxious

He is learning from mistakes, never to repeat them in a hundred years

He respects Gods because he fears far worse:  The titans

He knows there is a titan in all of us and no one loves whom he fears

Is it selfish of a selfless hero when he rejects a duel for private reasons

Since all he wants is to provide her with all that her heart desires?

What a shame he does not remember every one of his visions

Where else would he know unconditional love is of the essence?