People sparkle and shine when the sun is out

Yet when the blind darkness sets in

Their complete delusion

That beauty is goodness gives out

With an invisible beacon light from within

Withdraw in anger instead of suffering

Open arms and face what seems harrowing

Grow it into a source of strengthening

Every moment will become golden

And better when happy in this vision

Then be burned up with passion

A great fact like sunlight

Aurora borealis or the reflection

Of that shiny narrow crescent

In somber water we call The Lune

A higher form than intuition

Since it has invariance for no reason

I admired the wonder of grace

Even more in a solar eclipse

When the night walked down the azure

With the moon in her hand

Like an incarnation

Of eternal rise was born-again

My cheerful soul blossomed

And enlightened a bliss

My inner vision cleansed

In deep consciousness

My mind no longer stumbled

Over individual circumstances

I felt as simple as the bare existence

And realized peace

Is not only an outer allowance

But a secret harmony

That carried the assurance

Of my relationship to reality

The proper object which I lead up to

Is that contemplation

Of truth and beauty

I must accept life accordingly


Spente Le Stelle.