How could this hole in my heart in the shape of you and no one else be fit?

A troublesome cliché; will I ever get over it?

Is each existing thing born without reason

Does it prolong itself out of weakness, and die by misfortune?

The good and different; I accept who you are exclusively

Your willingness to wrestle demons causes the angels to sing in harmony

I do not love what you are alone:  The best about me

But who I am with you:  You complete me!

Love and sun; when their everlasting energy shines bright on us

The petals unfold, the chrysanthemum blooms

The colors of a rainbow appear; rays fall upon our hearts

By them we see everything else, we smile oftener

Anger less quickly and life is much sweeter

To love and be loved is to collect sun from all sides in unison

Guardian spirits making a man’s wish come true with no concern

Casting the shadow of burden away forever

Despite the darkness, fatal beauty for the sight lurks on the horizon

The dreamer finds magically his way on a stairway to heaven

He gazes the loveliest face wearing only moonlight and her hair down

“You had me at hello!” he wants to scream yet makes no sound

He perceives neither love nor sun, but a reflection flowers in the sky

Or a hundred thousand worlds would fail to specify

In this universe the cunning ends and information stops

A simple mind has no place for thoughts

The chosen soul who can now speak through his eyes

Senses a kiss is the best thing to do with both mouths

It is the most eloquent silence, a stormy calm

A pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one

Like a glass splinter; it works its way into the heart

And unites the psyche carried in a couple’s breath

It feels like the snow melts, roses blossom

Or a male nightingale’s melodious song

In reality, another starless night passes by at a fast pace

I am awaiting the invitation of sweet sleep; will I ever see its trace?

Please I beg you, tell me it is only a temporary phase

What is eternity without a beloved whom I want to embrace?

Time masterfully devours infinity orchestrating a chaos, I remain

Because what I seek deep inside successless is affecting my well-being

I realize, I should look for it somewhere other than my oblivion

Afraid of further injuring the continuum, benumbed and lonesome

I must find a way to kill time as I learned in good season:

“What wound did ever heal but by degrees?


Love Story.