In my loneliest loneliness, loving brings both joy and pain to my spirit

Joy; from being filled with an emotion so tender and deep

That no other feeling can ever get close to compare

Pain; from knowing that I am more vulnerable than yesterday

I believe the uniqueness of an individual who mattered enough to grieve over

Is erased only by eternal rest and alters the mind forever


The noon, while I was being cried up by a gentle attender

My heart had cried havoc to cry on someone special’s shoulder

The night, I cried my eyes out then cried myself asleep for a short interval

I was a far cry from my cries and cried them down the shiny morn that followed

Now I cry forgiveness for crying out loud; both ashamed and humbled


I have not lost my smile, only forgot that it was there around my kiss

Arguably, the second best thing you can do with your lips

I lent the first to a friend as a gift who underestimated its fond powers

Possessing the potential to make life turn around and be full of wits

Behold my laughter; it bursts from the soul, bubbles, overflows

Unlocks the secrets of everybody’s heart with a magic key that fits


Krishna, where are you?