The aspiring scholars in Greek Theater

Wore masks to become a proclaiming orator

So that the public could not read their nature

And played what people wanted to believe

Actors on the other hand were entertainers

Who merely wanted to play the obvious

Changed to be different, portrayed mortals as cons

Never deal with humans without wearing a cloak on the outside

The mask is what you play, and there will be no more drama if you hide

Your aspect of the real characters coming through what is going on inside

Music with rhythm says that which cannot be put into words

And cannot remain silent despite some disregards

Together they find their way into the secret places of the spirits

Heal their heart, fulfill and make it vigorous

Kudos to he who lives and dies with his music, whose songs give soul

And wings to the cosmos, including gaiety to every existing corps

Now it is our time to sing and dance for the hopeless, and create dreams

Whisper with our arms while our feet scream

Celebrate a lifetime that is long enough for a short melodramatic poem