Every precious rosebud was once a needy seed

Dream, risk and expect more than others while you proceed

Perfection requires vision, belief in one’s self and work ethic

Submission gives a spirit devotion to goals beyond the concrete

Discover your true passion and adopt patience

Be modest in speech but exceed in actions

Improve the quality of what you want to grant

Look graceful, cheerful and confident

Fire ignites and burns regardless

Touch it only after it has cooled down to escape injuries

The naïve forgives and forgets

The stupid neither forgets nor forgives

Be the wise one who forgives but never forgets

Highest form of love means showing mercy to your enemies

In return you will receive untold peace and happiness

While the torch of life feeds back truth its own way to all beings

Because of their exotic familiarity and clarity

The aspects of things are hidden, it seems, deliberately

Since the wisdom of Nature is impotent relatively

Cherish philosophy as you look for opportunity

Find the profound simplicity on the far side of its complexity

Live a life of independence, trust and magnanimity

Call it forbearance, ultimate sophistication, or a criterion of beauty

You can only merit harmony in the midst of difficulty patiently


Morning Mood