“Happiness is caused by living in the present; thinking nothing of what has been and what’s coming.  For a life of meaning you are condemned to wallow in the past and obsess about the future; then live your life to the fullest and want it all”, by Cem Catbas.


All the refined feelings which once gave us birth

May grow taut with each daily, labored breath

Lenient salvation is what we should seek to find

Is not to shudder the best part of mankind?

The world may price its profound sensations dear

Yet the monstrous depths are still gripped by fear

Our light frightens us, a nightmare

Knowing that we are limitless is our common terror

When we let our insight burst into flame

We unconsciously give all sanction to do the same

As we are liberated from our own bothers

Our charisma emphatically frees others

The idea of shrinking so that people around us

Will feel safe, does not enlighten us

We are born to manifest the Glory that is within all of us

Not just in some chosen populace

The great living experience for every soul

Is his wild adventure into love

When it happens, it takes virtue to release

The familiar and seemingly secure

Embrace in your beloved all that you are not

Hope that the trouble will create a capacity to handle it with want

Even during the hardest times, anticipate every moment

Find purpose in everything, live to the fullest

Seize each day with passion, be the one who fears no death, remorseless

Like a rainbow, life’s miracle irrigates a flower, pours happiness

But it is fragile, guard it with tenderness

Since it needs both sun and mist, then the arc of spectral colors appears

Nothing can have any power over you externally

Unless you permit it arbitrarily, single-handedly

Let it shower, walk in the storm; no one will know you are crying

Comfort the tears, sing and dance in the rain

What a wonderful feeling, be happy again!