Giving up your happiness for the one you adore

Is by far, the truest type of love

We are thrilled and stimulated to deeds of daring

A supreme sacrifice under the impulse of such noble thinking

Which will lighten the mind and give a sense of calm and joy


Do not relinquish easily the pleasures of life if covered in sorrow

Since a thing is not necessarily true nor wrong

Because a man thinks it is worth dying for

Wait and see how infinitely rich and wonderful the future becomes

Live longer and prosper despite the troubled times


You will soon find yourself without outer beauty

Foolishly ignoring it shall impoverish your soul and make you cry

Life is too short and it comes to an end anyhow

Invest in it and form the sun in somebody else’s sky


For that is the way celestial happiness veers

When one’s appointed final moment appears

It must be lovely to sleep in soft brown earth beneath a cool breeze

Forget time, forgive and be at peace

Aase’s Death.