Guys are quite simple, women are not

Why do they also assume men are as complicated

Cold and mysterious?  They must not

Tragically average man is exactly what he appears to be

And since he can see way better than he thinks clearly

An average woman would rather look beautiful than brainy

Furthermore a man cannot reason with the woman he holds dearly

Because he is under a spell, he cares about her a bit much:  What a pity!

To a passionate woman, her congenial mate has to be like coffee

Hot as hell, strong as death and sweet as love

What an ominous three!

His angel is wonderful for he wants, too perfect to be true for he believes

A single delicious buss from him will speak to both spirits

No!  There will not ever be any need for merry speeches

He should embrace the beauty of all living things yet remain tough

While determined to never regret in agony that he did not kiss his darling enough


Rolling in The Deep.