Water covers two-thirds of the world, provides life to all sorts of creatures

It is less dense as ice; ice floats on water unlike other solid substances

It symbolizes good fortune but is tasteless, colorless, and odorless

It is a vast divine mirror where sun, moon and love in total obscureness

Can see the reflection of their own objective likeness

Like the Lotus who fears the sun’s splendour, awaits, stares mute in the heavens

Till the moon, her lover wakes her with his light, she happily unveils her bliss

If a desperate soul in misery forgets his origins

And is blind to essential needs for survival

Nothing is more flexible and yielding than water

Yet when it attacks the firm and strong, they cannot withstand it

The rush conquers all, as there is no humanly way to change it

Acquiescence overcomes robustness, flexibility masters adamant

Empty your mind and change yourself:  Do what one cannot

What is it about the worst situations that bring out the best of us?

Why can we not simply try to do each and every day our very best?

What is better, the worst of the best, or the best of the worst?

It is a trick question, Socrates would be content

The Music of the Night.