He will never find himself peace; a part of his soul

Will remain asleep until a man recognized a dog’s love

A heartbeat at our feet, they are most remarkable for

Inspiring us to be as good of a person they already think we are

My sunshine does not come from the blue skies

It beams through the fidelity in my canines’ eyes

I am the center of their universe, the alpha, the wise

The focus of their faith and trust till demise

Cookie always greets me with a wagging tale at the door

I feel lucky, like a god amid her unconditional love

I never take for granted the warmth of Cocoa’s cold wet nose

Cute puppy, my role model for being alive, owner of my shoes

Cupcake links me to paradise and surely makes my life whole

All she wants is to beg for a treat or play with her little ball

They would make the perfect companion absent any fault

If only they lived longer, their life was not way too short

Dogs are singing.