Wine golden goblet of silence creates happy moments

Filled with music truth and fermented grape juice

Dionysus the twice born god struck by madness

Makes a very enjoyable conversation piece

We remain mortal until we tasted our first kiss

And the divine second rummer of wine

But drink responsibly since the third one

Could consume us dearly in a blink of an eye

When trying to drown sorrows with a false smile

Our laughter is no longer proof of a mind at ease

We can likely take more out of a vinous booze

Than alcohol may take of us harmfully in a breeze

An overly sensitive heart is a burdened possession

It is easy to be serious covered in apprehension

See the light at the end of the tunnel and start to reason

Do not give in much to ill feelings honor a libation

Life is too short grow your soul do not be jealous

Want you have sunshine freedom and flowers

Cook with a glass of mature wine seize your gladness

Even add some into the food of your juvenile dreams

Crazy on You.