Although we should all eat and drink only to subsist

I live with the sincerest love, my emotional escape: Passion for food

I practice gastronomy five times a day; God appears to me as an intimate

Every morning in the form of bread and butter, always in a good mood

To drop a few pounds I closed my dear mouth shut

I became unorthodox and sinned, my spirit got upset

Lost many nights of sleep over corn, rice, okra and beets: Soul food

When I get hungry for the meat is tasty and my appetite is avid

No matter what is said, I cannot just watch my food

Aromatherapy, botanical medicine, Beauty and the Beast

Tall tales, I am after all naturally born to feast

Except when the portions are too small or marked by high prices

I hardly ever complained about my provisions

I can easily break a chocolate bar into segments with a single hand

Yet not strong enough to eat just one of them

I buried my head in the sand

I would kill for food; my salvation lies in a vegetarian diet

Instead I wrote a toast to be told before each banquet:

Lie for a friend, steal a heart, cheat death, and eat your dessert first

To grace, to confidence, to happiness and to health!

Be passionate, forgive, love like you have never been hurt

Learn to roast a duck properly before it is late, your goose is cooked