Some say cats are sneaky, evil, selfish and cruel

That may be and they have many other fine qualities as well

My Tabby is a tonic, a laugh, a hug and a cuddle

She is at least pretty just about all the time

Clean, courageous, discrete, affectionate and divine

How many of us would rather be feline?

On top of one, add eight more lives

Now I know why years ago cats were worshipped as gods

Kittens are the incarnation of everything silky, velvety and soft

They are born with their eyelids shut

When they open them in about six days

Is not there the world’s proudest soul behind those luminous orbs?

It is heartwarming to be welcomed by Tom, my associate purring kitty

The ideal of peace by a whisker when scratching his tummy

He is infinitely wise as soon as he decides

He will always do whatever he wants

Without a sharp edge in their composition cats own us

Therein are fathomless depths of silent mysteries

All the wonder and fascination of the unknown resides

Except when they sleep by the fire for the better part of their lives

Kittens are singing.