Would it not be great to be born on a planet that has a higher gravitation than earth, live and dance daily for a decade and then come back to become the super dancer?

Training his instrument diurnally to maintain a supreme level of technical and artistic capabilities which are necessary to keep performing a classical ballet repertoire represents a dancer’s biggest challenge.  A professional dancer’s life would have been a lot easier if he could work out for six months in a year, and keep in shape during the other half without exercising.  Unfortunately it is not so and as soon as he stops, he starts losing both muscle tone and flexibility.


Every athlete would agree that competing in a city that is situated at a higher altitude requires an adjustment period for the body to perform normally.  The muscles and the mind must have some time to experience and accustom to the new circumstances.  When the astronauts are sent into space, they have to live in a no-gravity environment.  No matter how hard they try to maintain fitness by applying physical exertion to themselves, they lose skeletal and muscular integrity because of the foreign surroundings.

As a master ballet teacher, I often talk about how many things that are worth knowing are very hard to teach yet they have to be learned nevertheless.  The importance of quotidian practice to improve strength and flexibility is one of them.  The technical aspect of dance will be acquired by repetition in time.  But just doing it is not enough, one must feel it.  Thinking a movement and being able to execute it directly is coördination.  A coördinated performer holds himself more confidently than the rest because he knows he can, and it shows.

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An artist ought to understand the meaning of:  “Perfection does not consist in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”; meanwhile who does not want to do extraordinary things?  Ameliorating the classical ballet is every dancer’s duty and the progress greatly depends upon the pupil’s willingness to be absolutely alone habitually in the ballet studio as much as his teacher’s inspiration and efforts.


Watch Cem Catbas dive with Extreme Flexibility.