How can I see clearly into your soul but we are far apart?

How do I know you so incredibly well yet we are different?

Can you prepare yourself for a night it feels like there will not be a new dawn

If you always learned from your mistakes and have never made this one?

I cannot breathe without your air, a touch from your hand, do not ask why

I feel numb, dark and frozen inside while you are living a lie

A sound is a sound when it is heard, a wonder exists since it is seen by an eye

I seek for knowledge and wisdom while my entire life swiftly passes by

I ardently hoped that the gratification of my strong desire

Would never sting me back as a venomous serpent that is also dire

Although in their own hearts they were innocent over time

I extinguished bravely one by one the reluctant ill virtues of mine

I grew up clueless about how to love unconditionally with the mind

I swore an oath and went on without rhyme or reason

Prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance incarnated at a golden mean

Till I met you, I reckoned what made a man whole was moderation

I suddenly wanted so much to believe in belief owing to you

Rejected my instincts, waited for you not knowing what else to do

Sleepless, I cursed the days I thought time was only beauty’s enemy

Because my world revolved around you, it was often hard to inhale for me

My intelligence dissolved, taken over by this selfish selfless want to be

With no other choice at my wit’s end in between life and death tragically

I gave you up, made the hardest decision humanly possible, a burden

Remembered one cannot repent for passion: A man is not guilty until proven

A part of me died with you when you left, the best once

Lost, never to be found again: My childish innocence

Moonlight Sonata.