This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth bearing what is above is like what is underneath.  A scribe of learning and the arts, the gods’ behemoth Thoth proclaimed alchemy turns metal into gold while a loving prodigy of singularity remains the ultimate goal.  Everything is formed from that unity’s contemplation whose righteous parents are the sun and the moon and all things are made from one; they owe it to its adaptation.  It was sprung by the wind and nurtured by the earth, and its might is complete, whence falls each wonder’s birth.  If it was thrown upon our terrestrial sphere suddenly; ashes will separate from fire the subtle from the gross gently; the impalpable will part from the palpable with great industry.  Natural virtue will raise it slowly then it will descend from heavens, combining the force of both superior and inferior things.  A glorious illumination of the entire world will annul darkness; the power of all strength, for it reveals mysteries and dispels ignorance, will overcome delicate and penetrate through solid substance.  The microcosm’s structure is according to the design of the macrocosm; this was the means of the creation of our celestial dome.  Hence the miraculous conjunctions of it and its admirable effects since this is the way that may bring about future marvels.  Out of many names, Hermes the Threefold Sage is chosen for he who holds wisdom of aether, matter and gravity, all the three elements and thus the divine revelation of The Work of The Daystar ends.

Nuclear Explosion Without a Spirit