“They do not love that do not show their love.  The course of true love never did run smooth.  Love is a familiar.  Love is a devil.  There is no evil angel but Love.  My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep.  The more I give thee, the more I have, for both are infinite”, by Shakespeare.


The Silly Frog Prince is a fairy tale where a spoiled princess wants to kiss

A great deal of toads before she finds her charming prince

A helpful enchantress dropped a golden ball into her pond

She cast a spell on a certain well and hid it beneath a glowing fog

That transformed magically any handsome knight who sought a drink into a frog

Entranced by her ethereal singing voice, they were drawn towards the tall tower

Yet the smart with accurate answers to her questions were able to enter

Satisfied, only then the tasteful lady reluctantly let down her hair

The cerulean amphibious prince climbed blithely the dark distant stair

He spent the night on the same bolster and begged her to kiss him with flair

The spell was broken when the princess threw him against a wall in horror

He was blinded by the thorns below after he leapt from the window of the pillar

For months he wandered through the wastelands of the country in despair

The princess felt pity, went after him into the wilderness with much care

Luckily she heard his swan song drowning while he fetched for water

She stretched her braids out to save him and he made an oath to marry her

They fell into each others’ arms; she restored his sight by a single happy tear

The prince led her to his realm, and together they ruled the heavens ever after

I beseech politely to think wisely to see the grounds

For the rise and fall of individuals and kingdoms

Learn patiently from the past to improve the present

Shape better the future since the mundane existence is transient

Everyone is merely a passerby; avoid cruelty, lying, avarice and evils

Strive for justice, honor, truth and moral excellence

My Funny Valentine.