“Mover of the earth and barren sea, the unequivocal lord of Helicon and wide Aegae”, by Cem Catbas.


The quality of a god was discerned from the rituals performed for his favor

Because they carried sublime messages, offerings oft occurred

It was believed that the clouds collided to release lightning and thunder

For all was attributed to the omnipotent divine-natured

A Cyclops, one-eyed Titan stretched his hands to Zeus, his father

Shortly after he was blinded by satiric Mētis, and cried a prayer

Odysseus was allowed a safe passage home on account of the Earth Shaker

Ithaca’s king had one more journey following his re-establishment of power

During tumult and tempest, at the mercy of the world’s cold-hearted creators

Life for an eye, a punishment equal in kind to the offense

His peaceful and pleasant death came from the sea by well-timed Portunus

The horse whisperer and savior of ships, Olympian god of the deep and storms

In Etruscan mythology Nethuns wore a ketos headdress

And he was accompanied by his trident between two dolphins

Gaiokos who lived in a palace of coral and gems was worthier than Dionysus

For wine drowned a thousand more sailors than the oceans

When you double the first cube of an even number and add a squared squadron

Two times eight plus four is appropriate for the tamer of Hippocampus Poseidon

Sing a twenty-line modern poem far from a conventional inharmonic doctrine

Though it sounds like an acerbic phrase that came from the planet Neptune

The Muppets, Swedish Chef.