A human originally consisted of four arms, four legs

A head made of two faces each having an abstract consciousness

In a meeting mesmerized by the reflective other

He was capable of great thoughts and his might was terrible

The ruler of the heavens Zeus who feared the ultimate soul mates

Used bolts to cleave their breasts, remove their quivering hearts

Then seized a blazing coal and placed it in their gaping chests

He halved them all to humble their pride and improve their manners

Diminished in strength yet increased beyond number

Left to see their primitive negative selves in one another

Mortals no longer represented both the positive and the neutral

And were condemned to wander a lifetime seeking their fulfiller

The unique other half of All-seeing Luminous Titan Helios’ soul

Asleep in the cave of Night as less intelligent, selfish and foul

Dreams throughout eternity for which all spirits are now driven

To fight their way and conjoin in a very rare twin passion

Variations on a Theme of Corelli Op. 42.