“I will always be by your side, I will show you my love by giving you many cuddles; you are my Peluchito. Caresses, kisses and cuddles; you are my stuffed bear. You are my guiding star, I will love you forever.”


Whether an artiste slips on a banana,

or sings while drugged with helium on a dentist’s sofa;

maybe feeds a killer plant that causes euphoria?

As soon as the epiglottis tickles the larynx,

everyone, even the blind and deaf, can laugh.

It is an expression of feelings of joy,

a very pleasant sensation on the whole.

Two soul mates separated at childbirth;

neither had known anyone with a louder chuckle

until they finally met each other.

After untold minutes of continuous laughter,

both collapsed hand in hand from heart failure.

Their ultimate moments of life were so congenial;

at once spirits rose to a one-dimensional divine portal.


Elmo and Andrea Bocelli.