True love does not come to you, it longs for you

And it belongs to you when it comes out of you

While the right to do something does not make it righteous

In principle, unitarity of a theory is necessary for its coherence

Whether done by the law of general relativity or universal gravitation

The sum of probabilities of all possible outcomes must equal one

Complete information about a physical system at one point in time

Should determine its state at any other fourth dimension

Yet black hole; a region of the infinite with a singularity wherein

Space and time are distorted in such a way that nothing

Not even light can escape from the event horizon

Suggests that tangible facts could be taken

Aether; the fifth quintessential element that fills the universe

Subtler than light, is observed in the celestial bodies

It is penetrative and has none of the terrestrial material qualities

With the exception of change of place; by nature it moves in circles

Blessed appreciative mortals, do not rely on others for happiness!

Try not to say you would rather regret having done things

Than never to have done them with a will of iron

Then bend your golden hearts and they shall never be broken

Love is Like Oxygen.