Way back when Descartes said cogito ergo sum

Did he exclude the nonmodern mindless bum

Or just the undead creatures and celestial some?

Perhaps he meant we should enjoy the time of our lives

Without considering that the chronology consumes us

Do spirit guardians, ghosts, angels or midwayers

Use the eleven past eleven prompt to remind us of their presence?

Do they really want to help us find a truth to our existence?

Will a fragmented soul become one again through resonance?

Once and for all, is healing possible by the energy cycles?

Imagine anxiety, fear, depression, war, hate and sickness

Who would not want to witness these negative things

Dissolve into laughter and wipe away all the tears?

If any teacher to the proper good should ever read this poetic thesis

11:11 may lose its importance since he no longer thinks it is

My Immortal.