If it were not for salt, pepper, wine and poppy; for better or worse

No civilization could have reached the glory desired by their emperors

Though cooking traditions were born from the indigenous goods

Crusades started over indulgence, the rich spice road and exotic foods

Italians first did not use crushed garlic in their cuisine much

While the French believed red tomatoes had the devil’s touch

Muslims’ diet excludes pork; it is the God’s will they avouch

Unless the meat is cut right the Kosher will never fork; nonesuch

Syrah is delicious; fermented, it uplifts spirits to the heavens

Moreover the seeds’ extract has possible disease fighting qualities

Sold for a fortune when ground in very small quantities

Yet somehow the world prefers black table grapes seedless

Romans drank honey water garnished with fresh fruits for instance

A beverage was not made from concentrate to enhance its quintessence

Cocoa was brought to Europe centuries later; what a sweet happenstance!

Alas, saccharine causes diabetes; briny is the origin of osteoporosis

The Silk Road.