Upon a time a hand or a mind could not do what the heart desired

A houri was born with the most striking silhouette any has ever had

Love ought to grow amid the king of the world and his future queen

Maybe because it started out too small or was rather unforeseen

He fast became enemy to all other joys except her rare presence

Dearer than eye-sight he valued wherein he found true happiness

Feeding on itself, jealousy followed in the magnitude of cursed

A fated night hateful rage first oppressed and then it soothed

“Would you wear your heart on your sleeve, jump when I jump

If the hereafter was unknown?” Asked the ruler of the courtship

“My Lord, I learned above all lessons not to pick bad from bad

Life is uncertain yet the unthinkable is possible, mother once said

Rest assured, my sympathy for you is far richer than my tongue

But no more no less, I love your majesty according to my bond

Time’s glory is to command a contending knight bring truth to light

So please release me from my bands with the help of your might

I shall never let go in despair of my prayers guided by kind ghosts

Which will assault mercy itself, pardon crimes and free all faults

All is well that ends well in the world’s stage while I bear the crown

Praising what is lost makes the remembrance, the end is the renown”