Furnace Of Affliction


For life tolerates no other substitution; let the dance of your imagination which happens far richer within than without; complement love. The best mind is no match for a strong heart so long as a dream remains a dream, and true art knows nothing more than its skillful expression.

Withal the goodness bestowed upon gods, and men are sentenced to forgiveness in their lifetime; truth is; a soul must love the unlovable to learn how to love. In his journey towards an unknown destination; that wise man should know everything about nothing, and things shall be called after him.

The moment when his faithful mind realizes that he who takes comfort in being alone discovers how he never was lonely at heart, and nor will he ever be; is one of the few things in this world with the power to cease life by self-defining; therefore lives truly and exists continuously.

Assuming every creature is capable of loving and there is a distinction in between human and divine love; is not yet sharing a misunderstood love more meaningful than not knowing true love; perhaps a treasure meant not to be found at all?

All is refined in the furnace of affliction; a reality within it is harder for a mortal to define what he has done wrong rather than simply forgiving one another; and how perfection does not exist, a perfect couple shall prove timely to each other.


Furnace Of Affliction