Logically reasonable


No idea with a truth which does not belong to the old books forms a philosophy till a herd articulates: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound, and would it be lost when unused?  Its voice would have to be capable of ruling the world without turning it into his; like a shepherd who seeks what a thing is not rather than its given definition, and knows nothing but his own ignorance that begat science which religion befell from.

Alas, it is impossible to show a brave who refuses to believe that more evil has been done by the free will; how money comes obsolete whence each artist who recognized his talent respects the others’ as much; and that a soul should never trade love for his obsession.

That man, who developed as much as he can and went far by admitting to not knowing now what he did not know back then, may not be rich enough to buy his past within a future where even ideas are mortal, yet shall utter:  Accompanied by an empirical truth that moves theoretically; dance is the universal symbol of both logically reasonable and reasonably logical.


Logically Reasonable And Reasonably Logical