Today Is Such A Day 2017 (Small)


There are days
When a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire to set forth
A world full of beauty
Today is such a day

My eyes feel as the rising sun
Which keeps its promise of life with each morning’s come
The celestial sphere caresses Earth in full tenderness
With a gentle breeze
Like it does to every beating heart
It moves its arms around and captures one’s soul
And love takes over
And beats its drum
“Contain yourself if you can before my beauty”
Silence is golden when dancing ecstatically with the beloved
And a kiss remains the selfless owner of our lips

The day when a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire
Then love must begin
Such as today



Dance is the Cipher of Vigor


Wind blows eternal ripples spread across each curvy river

Reveling in the moment is a passionate moth’s last prayer

Change is the sign of life hidden in every blooming flower

Earth to dust hence spirits dance back to their true nature

Once mortals agree upon how dance is the cipher of vigor

All there is left to know is a way to advise it to one’s soul

Which is made of pure energy and shall apace fall in love

The moment its body and consciousness ceased to move





Perhaps the greatest quote should be sealed in a love kiss, between the muse of fire

And her creator, the conqueror, with an echo summoning all souls to dance forever


The Greatest Quote

Ivan Aivazovsky


Arts cannot be competitive with man’s nature and its grace only when anonymous

As a complementary contribution that addresses his infinite fields of consciousness

Mind and body shall come one essential creative spirit over the secondary streams

Stimulant enough to cure hearts in love, making them more divine and less jealous





A star, comet, asteroid, or planet moving in a mind-bending oval orbit

Proves every dear second’s spent dancing noxiously to a divine music

When all refined coordination is defined, admired and left untouched

Many right ways to express that soul come harmony, and turn unique





Unless the psyche knows what she does not want

A soul’s desire must end where the others’ start

Statistically arts have been playing a very big part

In rediscovering and nurturing the human heart

Its dominant trait happiness never under a cloud

Art’s a fact at its best when all else’s dark outside





Ballet is the art of dancing what a soul does not say

In hopes of telling that story which will forever stay

As he plays his harmonious instrument right smart

A dancer makes the biggest muscle out of his heart


Apollo and Hyacinthus

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