Would a brand new hope become hardly hope enough if seen?

Doesn’t what’s done in the past guarantee future participation?

First, Goddess Elpis, a dove with feathers, anchor of a seaman

Stayed in Pandora’s Pithos, a box that doesn’t belong in heaven

Then faith and love added to confidence in a favorable outcome

Thus destiny shan’t ever escape the cloud-gatherer Zeus’ mind


Riusuke Fukahori



Since any entity which feeds on fear may become fearful backed into a corner

Hope that all wisdom can be amassed in a good book yet not judged by its cover

Truth is, notions would remain dear, if evil did not spread absent a single follower

While the creation of nature along with its grace happens anyway from far and near





White moonlight fades beyond the pale

All’s still, no sound but the wind’s wail

Long night moans one last sigh of thrill

Icy stars twinkle frostily over the river

A ghostly whisper recalls spirits to sail

And dance, till dawn embraces the hill

Grass turns green, oscines start to trill

A new sunrise heals the world for real



Unspoken Truth


A belief is a human-made fashion that can build a stairway to heaven by learning from others’ mistakes

Form an unspoken truth, someone’s past or another’s future, a moment none shall lie about with words

Yet its source of knowledge knows not that the validation lies upon teaching it to the noble simpletons

Who trouble over the hereafter for good, give up their love to live anew, and die to love as many times


Come And Get It

The Wind


If a wise man decided to rage war against dark

His every word thundered and lightening forked

With a mighty reel gently beautiful trout caught

A good night comes when the dying light is right

Hoarfrost of Winter gusts from chilling far North

Withal care Mother Nature brings up her warmth

A stormy calm bows down to the new age’s birth

Within he who can tell the way wind blows forth





Every universe may be ruled by love

But its inner strength shall decide all

Any soul who wants to forge destiny

Must battle his most cunning enemy


Destiny’s Song



Since if time didn’t exist everything big would happen at once

Stellar objects must die to create a lifespan for smaller things

Is there really one giant universe formed by distinct realities?

Would it live by definition or half-exist like in age-old stories?


Christian Jyoti

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