The Light


Perhaps the realm of the real is a vision every soul must see in each grain of sand where a mind can unconsciously communicate lies to itself alone.

Till an artistic scientist finds a way to preserve a memory with its feeling, a heart remembers what’s perceived, and its quality be far from perfection.

Thus living in the moment is simply greater for others than some, and the hardest thing to teach an artist is how to tell acting from improvisation.

The difference in between acting and improvisation is the knowledge of allowing one’s heart to not know what the mind doesn’t either, and the ability to self-express with another’s expression.

If a dancer ever gets a second chance within, he shall rid of all the technique he had received, and reveal himself in the form of artistry which feels good even when nobody is watching.

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Sergei Polunin



Ballet is the art of dancing what a soul does not say

In hopes of telling that story which will forever stay

As he plays his harmonious instrument right smart

A dancer makes the biggest muscle out of his heart


Apollo and Hyacinthus



If it is never too late as in are we there yet, and the best things in life are not things

Do not wait for heavens where greater things than who thou art, shall be thine arts


Remember every naïve unique soul which hopes to control that flawless perfection

Will often forget, it might have never existed in our extraordinary world at the end


Evgenia Obraztsova



Though in his early stages, the best innovation he can come up with consists of a stone wheel, each human is because he thinks, and reaches the same conclusions as any other if he does it for a long time.

A dancer on the other hand, has nothing to say, so he dances that nothingness to his music, and longs for a perfection that is more believable when it is beautiful, and does not derive from mindless training.





How ironic is that the world’s best legend would have to be endless and artistic, the actors playing in it would already become better once they stopped wondering about what they are good at, and its biological clock that doesn’t work well would not tell the hours or the seconds wrong but when and what the time is right for.  Alas mortals believe it is not a mistake if they can find anyone else to make it, and want to hear what they want to hear, so let someone whom they want to listen to deal with them.

If a true artist who could perform choreography as well as improvisation by dancing it to the beat of his drums ever became a master teacher, he shall illustrate that every same exercise feels otherwise when acted with a particular given focus.



Spirit's Lamp


Life teaches one lesson the most, all that it can and a living cannot

The exact quality a soul admires a thing for is why another doesn’t

With eyes shot observe the insight absent the presence of sunlight

Make a moon jealous when your spirit’s lamp turns darkness bright


I Remain


What if each soul lived his life, instead of wasting it on making another’s unbearable?

Then even if the energy died within, his spirit would be reborn in a form most lovable

Although driven men say it goes in a blink of an eye, to live long one must be patient

Hope will show a docile to be a part of something greater means not all when docent


Simply Falling