Cem's Fantasy


Life is a fantasy humans take first getting used to and then for granted, and it has taken us to a point where we have become capable of making formulas that include both countable and accountable things.  Yet education must not fall into disgrace (when teaching takes priority over thinking), considering our thirst of knowledge is the source of our belief, and disabilities nonexistent.

The constant need for greater love flows from the fact that, whether microscopic or macroscopic, every conflict is caused by some kind of attraction, and when its force comes to an end, proves that it cannot be unconditional.  So we hope in our lifetimes for a divine entity essentially invisible to all senses and infinitely in love with love, since he can assume that which all others (who hear or speak no evil) see in him.

Nevertheless, for any soul who was not given the birthright to show how money does not bring happiness, the only noble choice left is to make the rules of a fair play and then to unleash himself within.  If he is also born fortunate, he shall still find out about time and poverty (the two things money cannot buy); and joy will follow him soon after he starts to live as a simple man with lots of money.


Tarzan Boy