Do you ever find yourself thinking about the worst-case scenario:  The most unfavorable situation involving the doomed possibility?

 Whenever a problem arises people try to find a solution for it.  A cultured human being with status who possesses foresight, on the other hand, could have made sure by giving his best that the actual trouble had never surfaced to start with. 

 I must agree that fate or luck plays a big role in the whole process of resolving issues and a “live and let live” point of view is the most humane approach.  But a “let it be” kind of mentality is not very fruitful and does not really make common sense especially if its consequences are directing many souls in harm’s way. 

 The celestial order and the beauty of the universe compel us to acknowledge that there may be some excellent and eternal divine energy source, yet we should also know that most of the world’s progress has come out of pioneer men and women who would dedicate themselves occasionally to be absolutely alone. 

 Grace should be the absence of everything that indicates pain or difficulty, hesitation or incongruity.  I do not assume the essence of it can be edited as a personal grace would be a disappointing one.  I find that having no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning is, in a way, being faithful to life.  Someone or something starts forth to be faithful to you, the moment you want to be true to yourself.

 Over the years, I grew accustomed to attempting to prepare myself for the unexpected in unfortunate circumstances that I may confront on this earth.  I do not only make a plan A, but also a plan B and a plan C.  I keep in mind the slight probability that the plan C may bring better results than the original plan A. 

 On top of that, there is one true conduct to see if any plan would ever work out in life; and that is by applying it.  It sounds easy enough, meanwhile when push comes to shove, it presents great risks even if they were calculated.  Thankfully being a performing artist helped me so far to improvise and come up with real-time strategies.

 The daily hardship one has to go through is immense, often times driving the person to his corporal limits, testing his character; seldom causing depression and melancholy.  However, the unique pleasure of doing what people say you cannot do and the power to change an outcome in a positive way is priceless. 

 The timely reward is untold happiness followed by the persuasion of one’s soul to believe:  In itself.


Don’t Give Up.