The Light


Perhaps the realm of the real is a vision every soul must see in each grain of sand where a mind can unconsciously communicate lies to itself alone.

Till an artistic scientist finds a way to preserve a memory with its feeling, a heart remembers what’s perceived, and its quality be far from perfection.

Thus living in the moment is simply greater for others than some, and the hardest thing to teach an artist is how to tell acting from improvisation.

The difference in between acting and improvisation is the knowledge of allowing one’s heart to not know what the mind doesn’t either, and the ability to self-express with another’s expression.

If a dancer ever gets a second chance within, he shall rid of all the technique he had received, and reveal himself in the form of artistry which feels good even when nobody is watching.

Mikhail Baryshnikov & Sergei Polunin



Would a brand new hope become hardly hope enough if seen?

Doesn’t what’s done in the past guarantee future participation?

First, Goddess Elpis, a dove with feathers, anchor of a seaman

Stayed in Pandora’s Pithos, a box that doesn’t belong in heaven

Then faith and love added to confidence in a favorable outcome

Thus destiny shan’t ever escape the cloud-gatherer Zeus’ mind


Riusuke Fukahori



Since no spiritless light shall possess as much might

Pray for what you need and work for what you want

Be a plagiarist or a romantic choose not to ever fight

Talk till Moon is blue in the face with the Sun’s sight


Silent Night


While an artist who never found his own identity will forever question its validness

The master who turned weakness into strength possesses the most to bring to pass

Shame on cults which put down others’ dreams to amplify the beauty of their beliefs

Must thou fight and drive away ignorance turn thine opponents into dance partners


Ong Bag Thai Dance


The truth is we all live beautiful lives but think the life of another is better

Happiness creates not more love since a happy person does not love more

He who has faith must not lose it as a heart weakens when a mind thinks it

He remembers not what he cannot remember because he did not forget it

A miracle happens while living a dream within a dream and begets strength

Yet it shall only help if asked for it is never interested in proving a soul right

Тихо над річкою


May you never discover what you have often sought to find

When painfully turned the stone over a heart soul and mind

Rest assured above an individual approach original yet kind

Fall within he who chooses to believe in the believable blind

My Valentine