Darkness works at its best when experienced from a distance, like the stars that are seemingly shining brighter at night afar; and a mind must fill out its sentient blanks with the quality of love to fulfill a heart and soul who has been running from himself.

Essentially, a true artist is a child who simply could not see the same place in time differently; and his lovesick view which stays unaging at heart, makes no leader for a fickle world of common hatred, unless they agree upon changing for the better.

Once they are part of a forever wandering singularity whose clear image is as it wishes to seem with a heart lighter than a feather; forgiveness shall become the only constant as a moral reform, and the indulgence a living should ever need.

12 String Blues



Insanity surely feels like a mind would, who could never fall in love because he had another choice.  Furthermore, his heart desiring to act free like the wind, should have to first survive the eye of a perfect storm, and then tell its story apart:  Any find whose promise a soul (who believes that miracles are the only act of God) adored before ever meeting, creates a destiny at peace with certainty, where every wrong becomes right.  And like love, while it is born modern, turns contemporary, and yet matures as classical.

The secret to life besides its self-healing evolution, is seemingly understanding the new heights that which curiosity leads talent towards (the manifestation when one must teach others).  Alas, the mortals who misinterpret the meaning of:  Perfection exists only when an artist (who is imperfect at heart and soul) comes upon a masterpiece true to its grandeur in the moment (wherein the greater good cares not for a currency, but its use for the better); continue to invest in a vulgar competition for its ownership.


Master Teacher 2014


While time is the vessel thereupon the body exists, its mind lives in high spirits when it experiences timelessness; alas a soul who cannot better himself, would enjoy only competing against others.

Thus the truth is: He who can prove the things that are not countable without counting them, will also control the numbers.

A master teacher is a student of life who realized exactly that, along with what he had been taught is incomplete; shall he continue to teach the artists how to perform and share at peace, that which they are made out of in essence.

Master Teacher

Power Of Love


Nothing unspells love’s mysterious short-term inability like talent, since its carried motion can immediately coordinate a quasi non-existent feeling: A man cannot be taught but what he already has within, and happiness is as passion does.

An aspiring artist must be shown early on, how the skill of talent is easily lost when not used daily deeply within, if its execution comes like nothing to him. When a soul moves to a calmness which truly lives, then every music highlights it, and happily follows.

Only true passion does not have a need to divide to conquer; thus the power of love conquers all.

The Power Of Love



Get rid of the existing negativity so that you can continue to attract more, and have a current. As the journey of life passes, the strength which comes from experiencing each prodigious feeling, leads towards serenity; and its changing colors display the sweet harmony within.


Dance is the Cipher of Vigor


Wind blows eternal ripples spread across each curvy river

Reveling in the moment is a passionate moth’s last prayer

Change is the sign of life hidden in every blooming flower

Earth to dust hence spirits dance back to their true nature

Once mortals agree upon how dance is the cipher of vigor

All there is left to know is a way to advise it to one’s soul

Which is made of pure energy and shall apace fall in love

The moment its body and consciousness ceased to move





Respect yourself and do not learn how to love from your lost loved one. Alas, believing in making your fresh dreams look old enough to create a seemingly secure feeling is a waste of your beautiful life.

Since all that happens to us along our journey forms who we are, hope who you were and who you become stay forever compatible.

Be that resilient good soul who could do everything he needed, transcend your body’s life span, and then want the same for the others by teaching them a truth only a soul who does not fear himself can handle.


I Believe In Love