Sun Crying


Theoretically, movement is a dance about the etymology of silence at its best; yet excess humility will cause a reaction against nature, since every heart is born with the knowledge of healing itself from inside out when caught on fire.

If a non-conformist could illuminate water droplets above earth, paint wings outside its lines, and form a shadowless reflection of the daystar; the sunlight may devote greater care to the sweet rhythm that complements within.

Alas, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side to he who sees the colors of the wind, hears the sounds of silence, smells the sweets, and is touched by an angel, as the sunniest journey doesn’t bring all happiness.

We Are Free Now



Perhaps the greatest quote should be sealed in a love kiss, between the muse of fire

And her creator, the conqueror, with an echo summoning all souls to dance forever


The Greatest Quote


When the fortunate find love and love acts upon

The right thing to do comes right no more wrong

A peace brings the war of wars within and above

The space amidst two souls is beyond ephemeral

Do not let go of that which belonged to no mortal

You are once good enough equal to utmost moral

Fire Drums


Should I dare to love forever when lovers must die?

Would I survive death to prove love does not expire?

Can I live with the heat radiated by a delusional miss

Breathe within her heartbeats and lips that are her lips?

Will you not promise to hold my hands, both already thine?

Then perhaps you will let me inside thy life, making it mine?

Could I give up in vain, a passionate flame to the bitter end

Shan’t we ever awake arm in arm next to each other on end?

The Girl From Ipanema.


While stalking deer in the forest late at night

The unwitting Prince enters the domain of the Dark Knight

Who has the power to control the minds of people

And turns them to stone to make an example

Suddenly the Spirit of the Golden Apple Tree

Awakens though the evil Magician would disagree

And saves the Prince who is confused but alive

Schemes about capturing the Firebird with his new ally

Firebird is not afraid of foolish mortals wanting to burn at millidegree

Nourishes on golden apples and travels mostly carefree

The Spirit and the Prince catch her during a feeding spree

However the Prince takes pity and sets her free

In gratitude, the Firebird gives the Prince one of her feathers

Then promises to reappear and return the favor, to help him in a crisis

The Prince then arrives to the courtyard of an enchanted castle

Where he finds the thirteen maidens; captives of the heartless Sorcerer

One in particular steals the heart of the young Prince

She tells him about the immortal Wizard’s secret in a moving bliss

While the dawn seals their kiss and takes them apart

The Princess warns him about the danger of following his sweetheart

The Prince ignores her advice and goes through the gate

Bells ring out, hell breaks loose, the horrible servants aggravate

The wicked Wizard advances on the prince to annihilate

But the Spirit waves the Firebird’s plume in his face, invoking her aid

She resurfaces and forces the crowd to dance frantically till they all fall asleep

The Prince thieves the great egg that contains the Wizard’s soul from its keep

He throws it to the ground, the evil’s spell is broken and he perishes

The princesses are rescued, including the thirteenth, whom the Hero marries

The Firebird, Infernal Dance.


Someone or something startest forth to be faithful to thee,

the very moment thou wantest to thyself true to be.

The intrinsic and eternal truth shall be revealed in a divine trinity;

thine, theirs and your fate; a reunion beyond the realm of beauty.

Ave Maria.


Rather than learning for the sake of understanding

And instructing the means of reasoning

Most pupils would like to ultimately take in

Enough to get a diploma in a field to make a living

Without talent demonstration captured by a memorizer

Will turn enlightenment to stone versus any challenger

A good disciple should inspire his master to teach better

And a great leader is a great man in a great scholar

Let it Be.