Master Teacher 2014


While time is the vessel thereupon the body exists, its mind lives in high spirits when it experiences timelessness; alas a soul who cannot better himself, would enjoy only competing against others.

Thus the truth is: He who can prove the things that are not countable without counting them, will also control the numbers.

A master teacher is a student of life who realized exactly that, along with what he had been taught is incomplete; shall he continue to teach the artists how to perform and share at peace, that which they are made out of in essence.

Master Teacher



Respect yourself and do not learn how to love from your lost loved one. Alas, believing in making your fresh dreams look old enough to create a seemingly secure feeling is a waste of your beautiful life.

Since all that happens to us along our journey forms who we are, hope who you were and who you become stay forever compatible.

Be that resilient good soul who could do everything he needed, transcend your body’s life span, and then want the same for the others by teaching them a truth only a soul who does not fear himself can handle.


I Believe In Love



In a beautiful world where each spirit that challenges its body and mind is a team

Any course of events could be changed as long as it was caused by a human being

Every unachieved little goal would slowly carry the soul closer to the ultimate one

Nevertheless the most glorious dance will still remain to be the one about dancing





An orator speaks not his mind but a republic’s heart

If you can, know what love is before you have loved

A perfect heart holds all that cannot be taken away

As life’s true colors show in the light of a rainy day


Do Not Try This At Home


The reason why technology exists is because humans learn from mistakes

Little and big form the same on balance but big overshadows the little like night and day

Yet art withstands its existence in a world selfless, timeless and regardless

The emotions allow a broken heart to respond to any foreign else the most suitable way


Moment Musical


Training enables to do things which are not enjoyable, well

Helps a mind and soul come fantastic upon performing love

Its dance shall display as rhythmically strong, and beautiful

In every way quasi-impossible at once, moreover on demand


Giselle 2012


Akademeia sounds like Macadamia nut Athenian hero Akademos is the fount

Goddess of wisdom Athena is sacred in an olive grove Plato made his method

All mortal souls desiring that very best shall be prepared to be embraced by it

If a mind fails to appreciate in his heart worsening will come as the only result

Another Brick In The Wall