Power Of Love


Nothing unspells love’s mysterious short-term inability like talent, since its carried motion can immediately coordinate a quasi non-existent feeling: A man cannot be taught but what he already has within, and happiness is as passion does.

An aspiring artist must be shown early on, how the skill of talent is easily lost when not used daily deeply within, if its execution comes like nothing to him. When a soul moves to a calmness which truly lives, then every music highlights it, and happily follows.

Only true passion does not have a need to divide to conquer; thus the power of love conquers all.

The Power Of Love



A star, comet, asteroid, or planet moving in a mind-bending oval orbit

Proves every dear second’s spent dancing noxiously to a divine music

When all refined coordination is defined, admired and left untouched

Many right ways to express that soul come harmony, and turn unique





Whether two form one or one in three, truth is what it does and if it is the spirit of the universe, are sins or its pardon endless?

A most balanced mind shall act as a heart and soul which can coördinate his realities, and dance within their own dimensions

Spirit of Champions


It ought to be easier to start over with a new lover than the former

As in that moment love takes over the change should come forever

An accomplished human would have to compel a style carven in all that makes him an example

Which lets foul mortals who hurt heart and soul witness how a spirit heals miraculously as well

Is Your Love Strong Enough