Ivan Aivazovsky


Arts cannot be competitive with man’s nature and its grace only when anonymous

As a complementary contribution that addresses his infinite fields of consciousness

Mind and body shall come one essential creative spirit over the secondary streams

Stimulant enough to cure hearts in love, making them more divine and less jealous



Godless Child


May we all learn ourselves from our beloved ones, and be positive when affirmative as the love of nothing is the most, along with the leave of everything else.

The child of a godless universe wanting to learn only about widely accepted knowledge to balance himself out, believing things are unpredictable, unavailable and lacking within, should be irreverent, timeless and could not possibly be outdated since he shall lose perspective and gain perception as a side effect of striving for perfection, and know nothing more.

Because what does not kill makes only the fit stronger, and tolerance to know more about the unwanted has a way of leading our spirits towards good (for it gives that which is supposed to, in lieu of the wanted), unhappy shall try to be happy, and stop being affected by the ones whose happiness greatly depends on the others’ unhappiness, thus love shall manifest as the meaning of all that one has, rather than a trial to define what has already been had, in a perfect world where the best money can buy would never be for sale.

Do Not Try This At Home


If one does not witness good inside out he will forever feel near yet without

Till many can see and live the same dream reality will stay as the only real thing

New seems better only for a short while since alas no soul is yet capable of self-renewal

He who thinks he does whatever he wants shall soon realize he did what he did not want at all


No Life Without You