Apples to Oranges


Every curious man dreams of a mentor who can explain things the way he can comprehend. Yet when he finds him, he realizes that the guru is interested in teaching him what he does not want to learn: A living can only be dead till it realizes it, and a portal that can power itself, will take that wayfarer wherever it goes, but will also keep its size. The destination would feel too big or too small as a reality, unless its course stays in the same frequency.

Withal the timely knowledge which makes humanity omniscient about nothing; we are now more certain than our predecessors that comparing apples to oranges is unfruitful, and the pursuit of happiness within may be the noblest journey for humanity as the gargantuous knowledge of eternity can only be fruitful to a generation which is born from an ego already at peace with its alter ego.

Since the loved ones getting hurt by its truth is our worst fear, and evil comes naturally to any soul who cannot get used to rising by uplifting others when walking in darkness; the most truthful person would have to believe that love is the force which makes happy without understanding, and that he cannot trust he who assumes sorrow behind a smile, anger within love, and reason in silence.

Perhaps to make time stand still, a true artist would have to be first anachronistic, then confess to follow no one, and lead nowhere. Like a magician who believes that no other casts a spell better than he does; he should demonstrate both decadence and indulgence simultaneously in the precious moment, which may be his only chance of capturing a shadow of the divine perfection.

Circassian Dance


The Most Essential


Since no soul can see himself like the others do as long as the essential is invisible to its own eye; a passionate story about finding anew the love already fallen in love with, sounds delicious when told by the gods’ eyes and a woman’s heart.

It soon becomes the vain truth once its deed is done by he who walks amongst us yet not one of us, and inconveniently, following that single purpose shallows his heart.  Lost, he no longer believes in his own knowledge but who a soul is ever not.

Life presents itself elusive, for he has no problem following orders where hope is confessed as its miracle.  Realizing how many wrongs he has to do to make it right; he seizes the moment which moves beautifully along, whether in the eye of a beholder or not.

Snow Maiden



While the fortunate knows how to choose when to feel and when to think; the insecure believes in things that are poorly written and randomly enforced to help his livelihood.

Moreover, the love of a man who cannot get used to being as gentle as the woman who he fell in love with; hurts itself in good time since its conscience is limited in his reality.

Only a docile heart which can bend is able to pick up the love that once existed for someone else; and keep its passion alive at all cost with an undeniable truth in every reality.

So, a sane mind who wants to better himself shall reckon that the journey of knowledge leads to ignorance where nothing worth knowing can be learned absent making mistakes.




Darkness works at its best when experienced from a distance, like the stars that are seemingly shining brighter at night afar; and a mind must fill out its sentient blanks with the quality of love to fulfill a heart and soul who has been running from himself.

Essentially, a true artist is a child who simply could not see the same place in time differently; and his lovesick view which stays unaging at heart, makes no leader for a fickle world of common hatred, unless they agree upon changing for the better.

Once they are part of a forever wandering singularity whose clear image is as it wishes to seem with a heart lighter than a feather; forgiveness shall become the only constant as a moral reform, and the indulgence a living should ever need.

12 String Blues

Master Teacher 2014


While time is the vessel thereupon the body exists, its mind lives in high spirits when it experiences timelessness; alas a soul who cannot better himself, would enjoy only competing against others.

Thus the truth is: He who can prove the things that are not countable without counting them, will also control the numbers.

A master teacher is a student of life who realized exactly that, along with what he had been taught is incomplete; shall he continue to teach the artists how to perform and share at peace, that which they are made out of in essence.

Master Teacher

Power Of Love


Nothing unspells love’s mysterious short-term inability like talent, since its carried motion can immediately coordinate a quasi non-existent feeling: A man cannot be taught but what he already has within, and happiness is as passion does.

An aspiring artist must be shown early on, how the skill of talent is easily lost when not used daily deeply within, if its execution comes like nothing to him. When a soul moves to a calmness which truly lives, then every music highlights it, and happily follows.

Only true passion does not have a need to divide to conquer; thus the power of love conquers all.

The Power Of Love



Get rid of the existing negativity so that you can continue to attract more, and have a current. As the journey of life passes, the strength which comes from experiencing each prodigious feeling, leads towards serenity; and its changing colors display the sweet harmony within.