Though nature proves all is possible, humans believe making a thing seemingly impossible creates importance

The moment a man realizes he alone starts or ends nothing, will bring him closer to discovering his true purpose

Each day an artist must find a new self and then lose like watering a sharp thorn in hopes of a beautiful red rose

Singular, he shall suggest any variation of himself a mistruth, matter by fulfilling children’s wildest imaginations

A life focused and honored by love, should teach him to be a master of his senses thus in tune with his innerness


Pirouettes Combination


Which soul would want to know of fear if born fearless?

No man’s past is destiny set down gives now importance

Every wall is a door unlocked by faith opened outwards

Words remain utmost potent when silenced by the gods

Each unrequited love pines away till nothing but a voice

While Eternal shall echo within all that we do in our lives

Giselle and Albrecht.


The moment thou performed thy art

With the true knowledge of thy heart

Would undoubtedly be the dayspring

Wherein one transcended everything

Ever known to the minds of mankind

Make Someone Happy.




Absence is to love as wind’s to fire

While kindling the true and major

It will extinguish the trivial forever

And may blow out candles be aware

A mind sails highest against the air

Dance to the end of love no matter

Gayane, Nureyev.


For a man who is aware of truths before their times

By seeing principles that exist not through his eyes

Till the last heartbeat of his shadowy profoundness

Living at moments can become difficult or effortless

As fighting for a meaning in life is a unique process

Making the artful time and him enemies yet friends


Impossible Quadruple Pirouettes En Tournant with Cem Catbas.


It is impossible for a dancer to ever feel godforsaken

Who strongly believes he is worthy under his skin

By claiming related to the Great Art that makes him a kin

When his passion overpowers judgment and rejects reason

Is set in the magnitude of pleasure with beauty’s inspiration

It materializes swiftly from this very fierce motion

And again under the influence of its kindred emotion

It moves violently towards the harmony of a bodily formation

Erupts, solidifies and reincarnates as Dancing

Magic Carpet.


There is nothing more positive than a humorous dancer

who wears a tutu, a tiara, and goodness as armor.

She can unfold swiftly her wings to follow her steps,

and wields graciously a magic wand that heals.

Once she moves extraordinarily like nobody is watching;

her skilled edge penetrates on stage without wounding.

Armed with pure love, she is always placed in first,

and has no thirst for blood to honor her point.

Ballerina Girl.