Today Is Such A Day 2017 (Small)


There are days
When a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire to set forth
A world full of beauty
Today is such a day

My eyes feel as the rising sun
Which keeps its promise of life with each morning’s come
The celestial sphere caresses Earth in full tenderness
With a gentle breeze
Like it does to every beating heart
It moves its arms around and captures one’s soul
And love takes over
And beats its drum
“Contain yourself if you can before my beauty”
Silence is golden when dancing ecstatically with the beloved
And a kiss remains the selfless owner of our lips

The day when a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire
Then love must begin
Such as today





Would a brand new hope become hardly hope enough if seen?

Doesn’t what’s done in the past guarantee future participation?

First, Goddess Elpis, a dove with feathers, anchor of a seaman

Stayed in Pandora’s Pithos, a box that doesn’t belong in heaven

Then faith and love added to confidence in a favorable outcome

Thus destiny shan’t ever escape the cloud-gatherer Zeus’ mind


Riusuke Fukahori

Dance is the Cipher of Vigor


Wind blows eternal ripples spread across each curvy river

Reveling in the moment is a passionate moth’s last prayer

Change is the sign of life hidden in every blooming flower

Earth to dust hence spirits dance back to their true nature

Once mortals agree upon how dance is the cipher of vigor

All there is left to know is a way to advise it to one’s soul

Which is made of pure energy and shall apace fall in love

The moment its body and consciousness ceased to move





Respect yourself and do not learn how to love from your lost loved one. Alas, believing in making your fresh dreams look old enough to create a seemingly secure feeling is a waste of your beautiful life.

Since all that happens to us along our journey forms who we are, hope who you were and who you become stay forever compatible.

Be that resilient good soul who could do everything he needed, transcend your body’s life span, and then want the same for the others by teaching them a truth only a soul who does not fear himself can handle.


I Believe In Love

CLARITY prepared image of mouse brain with fluorescent markers


Alas, while a human soul soars for affinity to live happily

Attacks all that’s foreign and destroys with his physiology

When the healing stops looks for love or maybe a remedy

If life is insane, will the cure belong to he who has clarity?





If it is never too late as in are we there yet, and the best things in life are not things

Do not wait for heavens where greater things than who thou art, shall be thine arts


Remember every naïve unique soul which hopes to control that flawless perfection

Will often forget, it might have never existed in our extraordinary world at the end


Evgenia Obraztsova



No soul should ever have to reason why all he wanted was goodness

Truth is life like any barren rose can appear a cactus absent purpose

Every time new things are born or die happiness manifests in a form of love

Knowing no thing can be good forever shall make us want to become better

Let peace sleep within; a prayer humbly knows more about solitude than all others

Until its time has come and the shooting stars pass through one’s soul on its knees