Today Is Such A Day 2017 (Small)


There are days
When a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire to set forth
A world full of beauty
Today is such a day

My eyes feel as the rising sun
Which keeps its promise of life with each morning’s come
The celestial sphere caresses Earth in full tenderness
With a gentle breeze
Like it does to every beating heart
It moves its arms around and captures one’s soul
And love takes over
And beats its drum
“Contain yourself if you can before my beauty”
Silence is golden when dancing ecstatically with the beloved
And a kiss remains the selfless owner of our lips

The day when a perfect wind trembles the sails with desire
Then love must begin
Such as today





A star, comet, asteroid, or planet moving in a mind-bending oval orbit

Proves every dear second’s spent dancing noxiously to a divine music

When all refined coordination is defined, admired and left untouched

Many right ways to express that soul come harmony, and turn unique




The reason why technology exists is because humans learn from mistakes

Little and big form the same on balance but big overshadows the little like night and day

Yet art withstands its existence in a world selfless, timeless and regardless

The emotions allow a broken heart to respond to any foreign else the most suitable way


Moment Musical


Light comes from above, things are not often viewed from below

A face is seen upright; objects block the view of the more distant

Proximity, similarity, closure, symmetry, continuity, common fate

What reflects from gods’ image is not ever good, simple or bright



Since electromagnetic radiation makes what light is called

Darkness should not ever be seen as a night ice-cold

And one has to switch off earthly feelings within his world

To deflect foretold signs wherein everything is heartfelt

Sensitive is as sensitive does if oneiric at the speed of light

Possibly remembers what he would most rather forget

Because true beauty is a convalescent acceptance’s side effect

Let their love deal with souls who say it but mean not