Master Teacher 2014


While time is the vessel thereupon the body exists, its mind lives in high spirits when it experiences timelessness; alas a soul who cannot better himself, would enjoy only competing against others.

Thus the truth is: He who can prove the things that are not countable without counting them, will also control the numbers.

A master teacher is a student of life who realized exactly that, along with what he had been taught is incomplete; shall he continue to teach the artists how to perform and share at peace, that which they are made out of in essence.

Master Teacher



A star, comet, asteroid, or planet moving in a mind-bending oval orbit

Proves every dear second’s spent dancing noxiously to a divine music

When all refined coordination is defined, admired and left untouched

Many right ways to express that soul come harmony, and turn unique





Though nature proves all is possible, humans believe making a thing seemingly impossible creates importance

The moment a man realizes he alone starts or ends nothing, will bring him closer to discovering his true purpose

Each day an artist must find a new self and then lose like watering a sharp thorn in hopes of a beautiful red rose

Singular, he shall suggest any variation of himself a mistruth, matter by fulfilling children’s wildest imaginations

A life focused and honored by love, should teach him to be a master of his senses thus in tune with his innerness


Pirouettes Combination



In a beautiful world where each spirit that challenges its body and mind is a team

Any course of events could be changed as long as it was caused by a human being

Every unachieved little goal would slowly carry the soul closer to the ultimate one

Nevertheless the most glorious dance will still remain to be the one about dancing





Life’s wisdom storms truth beauty and goodness

Silent yet incomprehensible since it is senseless

Within its heart ever-changing and broken wings

Dance allows the most placid conversion to peace


Les Misérables


An orator speaks not his mind but a republic’s heart

If you can, know what love is before you have loved

A perfect heart holds all that cannot be taken away

As life’s true colors show in the light of a rainy day


Do Not Try This At Home



Life’s beauty is the gain beneath every loss since it neither creates nor will it destroy

As a brave-heart who followed his own lead but arose neither a follower nor a leader

He must be told to have all that he wants to know he won’t get everything he desired

And to smile back when life smiles, for a given peace was first taken to conquer love

Then a divine strength from his dark side shall shine forever in the eye of that beholder

Within a golden soul that never burns-out because of doing that which he just adored


I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You