The pursuit of charisma within appearance

Is of the utmost importance

The beauty has to be who we are rather than what we are

And its purpose shall be overcome

By greater things for she is only the first layer of love

Like a free-floating frigid iceberg

That is hiding its better half submerged

The warm majestic sunset by the shallow shoreline

Is the birth of the prolific depths underneath

A vast and shapeless blue ocean

Beauty and The Beast.

 “The plain was grassy, wild and bare; wide, wild and open to the air which had built up everywhere an under-roof of doleful gray.  With an inner voice the river ran, adown it floated a dying swan and loudly did lament.  It was the middle of the day.  Ever the weary wind went on and took the reed-tops as it went”, by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


He is a success who prospered, laughed often and loved much

Who gained the respect of intelligent men and such

Who earned the devotion of animals without a single touch

Who accomplished his tasks and filled his niche

Who leaves the universe better than he found it

Whether by a pure poem, an educated soul or an improved elixir

Who never lacked appreciation of nature’s beauty or failed to express it

Who looked for the charity in others and gave the utmost he had ever

A good man prolongs his precious life

As he knows the superior wisdom about the hereafter

Is that it only comes one day at a time

As a teacher he wants to awaken expectations

And is conscious of the responsibility he bears

Towards his pupil who affectionately awaits

Or to an unfinished work; he understands

The question for his reality in this earth: The “why”

And will be able to endure almost any “how”

He can survive just about anything, except death

Yet how does he know if he genuinely loves to live as an aftermath?

To exist defeated and inglorious is to dwindle daily

And a person starts suffocating when he stops being dreamy

The goal should not be to prevail eternally

But to create something that will shine everlastingly

We must hold fast to our hopes because if they go

Life will turn into a barren field, frozen with snow

Unmaking what spiritual poets know

When we pass away, therein vanishes our foremost innocent kiss

The fragile blossom that opened in our first flurry we cannot miss

The final whiteout is not a simple occurrence

It is magical, beautifies everything it covers like kindness

The world seems composed of an arc-shaped spectrum, uniform and colorless

A rainbow that is lonely yet self-sufficient, clad with radiance

If people we care for are untimely stolen from us

Never cease loving them, and they will live on forever with brilliance

Our greatest loss is what fades deep down inside us

While life chuckles, life cries, it looks different through everyone’s eyes

Do not be afraid to perish; achieve what no other man can with a sincere smile

Think you are learning how to breathe while discovering wisely how to expire

Adagio in D minor, Johann Sebastian Bach.


They say if you can keep looking at a picture for more than three seconds, you like it.  What if you find a picture you would like to look at for the rest of your life?  Then I guess you should own it…

I remember vividly the first time I saw The Boy on Mount Fuji by Katsushika Hokusai; it still makes me shiver in my bones today and I thought it was the reflection of pure beauty on a frame.  I was hypnotized; the color scheme was so harmonious.  The use of blue, purple, pink and white was all subtle yet powerful.  The composition was so spacious and continuous, reminding me of the expansive desert scenes from “Lawrence of Arabia.”  It was natural, serene, peaceful, divine yet simple.  And there was a body of water and a mountain in it, symbolizing life, good fortune and hope.

I knew I had to have it.  I was so happy when I brought it home, in my mind, my house became more worthy.  After working long hours at my ballet studio, I could not wait to sit back in front of the print, contemplate, dream, imagine, ultimately feel good.  It was my virtual reality, my escape pod, my temple.  It represented the opposite side of me that completed me.  With time I learned to appreciate many more of the details that eluded my vision at first sight:

The sack that was hanging down next to him; perhaps he had to carry water to his family?  The scarf he was wearing; a gift from a loved one to protect him from cold weather?  He was playing a flute; what could be a better accompaniment to all of that sweet rhythm around him?  There was a breeze soft enough to make the tree branch sway and lift up the foam from the little creek, yet not strong enough to disturb a single hair on his head.  He seemed lonely, weak and pensive.  I noticed how grand, majestic and timeless Mount Fuji was.

And then I saw the heavy weight that the fragile tree had to carry and the risk the boy took without thinking by sitting on it.  He was poor, because he was not wearing shoes.  The snow was melting, giving birth to the lively stream.  Finally I noticed the dark clouds moving in, suggesting the calm before the storm?

Some people create their own selfish world around themselves; no matter what you do, it will not involve what is outside of the frame.  And some are about the greater good; they become selfless and dedicate their lives completely to what is outside of that frame.  Very few find out the balance, just to realize:

See them both; the true happiness is what you make out of it.


Mad World.