The mystery behind each individual who enjoys controlling another more in spite of self, unfolds in the form of imagination which will continue to be superior to knowledge so long as humans are born innocent, and are limited in their ability to use their brains.

Its believers should not want to make the others believe in their beliefs in hopes of raising their value, and be aware of souls who wanted to have a destiny bigger than their own, created wonders for the others, and failed miserably in their lifespan.

Say growing up does not mean conceiving how only a fool would understand the rules of any game where each hand is dealt differently; is yet the essential invisible to the ear that does not want to hear, and silent to the eye that does not want to see?

Whether a dream, dark matter or a friendly ghost; nothing shall be worth more than the space it takes in the universe; and only the calm amidst the storm, the seeker of the tangible perfection, who sees and hears all he can see and hear, while not seeing and hearing that which he does not want to see and hear, absent interpretation, should know the way it has blown.

Nevertheless, the most nonsensical idea would have to be romance where one loves with a boundless love which must pay for its actions during a lifetime full of dreams and absent regrets; like the truth cannot exist but live, its presence is all a heart needs, and passion may prove never to be enough if a mind has been fed merely by its deeds?





Since any entity which feeds on fear may become fearful backed into a corner

Hope that all wisdom can be amassed in a good book yet not judged by its cover

Truth is, notions would remain dear, if evil did not spread absent a single follower

While the creation of nature along with its grace happens anyway from far and near





Whether two form one or one in three, truth is what it does and if it is the spirit of the universe, are sins or its pardon endless?

A most balanced mind shall act as a heart and soul which can coördinate his realities, and dance within their own dimensions

Spirit of Champions

Godless Child


May we all learn ourselves from our beloved ones, and be positive when affirmative as the love of nothing is the most, along with the leave of everything else.

The child of a godless universe wanting to learn only about widely accepted knowledge to balance himself out, believing things are unpredictable, unavailable and lacking within, should be irreverent, timeless and could not possibly be outdated since he shall lose perspective and gain perception as a side effect of striving for perfection, and know nothing more.

Because what does not kill makes only the fit stronger, and tolerance to know more about the unwanted has a way of leading our spirits towards good (for it gives that which is supposed to, in lieu of the wanted), unhappy shall try to be happy, and stop being affected by the ones whose happiness greatly depends on the others’ unhappiness, thus love shall manifest as the meaning of all that one has, rather than a trial to define what has already been had, in a perfect world where the best money can buy would never be for sale.

Do Not Try This At Home