Human Way


Like a body healing itself without consent, the universe conspires in helping each individual to achieve what it wants. Love is the name of that life force, yet its nourishment does not depend on a single soul being better or worse. Truth is withal the universes, realities and dreams; there is only one beautiful life.

Just like we see the reflection of light on a mirror, and hear the sound made by vibrations; every soul feels that which had been inflicted on him by other elements; as though he has not been existing but living until he becomes aware of his own thoughts, which are as good or bad as his deeds that follow.

Even if he assumed beauty; a keen-sighted soul who cannot see when he is shown, because he believes in the opposition of the good and evil; should not ever tell another who fell in love at the right time, and who believes true romance shall never be an affair whether it matters or not; that his timing was wrong.

Since pain occurs in the mind with an injury that is real, and actions can disappear as quickly as they appear, yet feel exactly the same as before till their consequences completely heal; making others feel guilty may be the only way to show how anything can be as important as a mortal’s self, including nothing.

While every soul finds its true self in an artist, the artist is often lost in a world where laws have already been made by men who once refused to follow someone else’s rules, and a soul is no longer recognized for what he does for self but for the others, who are still in search of themselves instead of enjoying life.

Is it really so different to discover one’s self within or without others in that world all men are created equal and a soul needs to be forgiven only if he loves to sin? The answer is, what makes dance unique; its ability to allow an artist’s both divine and bestial thoughts flow into reality equally the most human way.


Giant Ant Hill